27th February – Pink Week with Bonbonbonbons

This week Clare Ents has teamed up with Cambridge Pink Week to raise awareness for breast cancer, and to bring you the pinkest poster we’ve ever made. We also have a band called “Bonbonbonbons”. If that’s not enough to convince you to come then I don’t know what is. Murray Edwards get discounted entry, and everyone gets £1 entry to Life with their wristband.


Check the event page here.

Also this.

13th February – Mastana

Fuck the week 5 blues! Clare Ents are hosting the Mastana launch party, we have live indie rock from New Manhattan and a Bollywood DJ set Upfront Sounds.

Mastana 2015- a one-day extravaganza of music, comedy, dance and drama. With all profits from the show going towards 2 wonderful charities; Best of Both and Akshaya Patra, both of which encourage children to attend schools across rural India and Ghana. This will be the last chance to buy early bird discounted tickets to an evening of entertainment, showcasing the best talent Cambridge has to offer.

Ents Poster Lent 5

23rd January – Colonel Spanky’s Love Ensemble // Red Violin

Colonel Spanky’s are returning to Ents this Friday, with their signature energetic jazz/funk/soul sound- every time we’ve had these guys it’s been amazing. Also, they have a freaking sousamaphone. Following that we’ve got a DJ set by Red Violin, and always there’s a free cloakroom and £1 entry to Kuda for everyone. People from John’s, you get in cheap.